Full flexibility for a unique customer experience in the metropolitan transport of the future

In the next 10 to 20 years, we expect more than one billion additional customers per year in nationwide metropolitan transport. In order to create more capacity in our trains and at the same time offer a unique customer experience, we have developed the IdeasTrainCity with a fully functional 1:1-model as a prototype for the S-Bahn and regional transport of the future in large metropolitan areas. Additional capacities are realised through the flexibilisation of standing and seating areas. A new intuitive passenger information and passenger guidance system ensures good orientation on and in the train. A high-quality product design and innovative ambient lighting create a new feel-good atmosphere.

A unique interior concept for the trains of the future

The new passenger compartment features a flexible standing and seating layout as well as an intelligent system for informing and guiding passengers. In this way, the train adapts to the passenger volume and the wishes of the passengers at all times.

Do you want to explore the IdeenzugCity on your own? Click here for a virtual tour of the train!


A futuristic interior concept that meets the needs of long-distance commuters.


Our concept demonstrates that it is possible to deliver comfort and safety even while passenger numbers are rising on local transport services in major urban areas.

Pilot projects

After comprehensive safety and quality tests, we are already evaluating the suitability of some ideas by putting them into action in our day-to-day operations. Our goal is to standardise as much as possible so we can expand the product pool step by step.