More space and comfort for commuters on regional trains

The next stage of a successful project

Sometimes you need to do more than just listen if you want to understand what people need. The IdeasTrainRegio gives us the opportunity to evaluate our solutions and react to feedback. As a result, we have added 2 more modules to the original 22. We test concepts and features by means of a 1:1 model, and we also compare them against the expectations of our passengers and customers on an ongoing basis.


Work, sport or relaxation – we want to address each of the main themes and so meet the needs of each one of our passengers.

Explore the new modules on your own

Click here for the 360° tour of the first IdeasTrain model

Hygiene concept

This module is completely new, and it contains three stand-alone features that deliver maximum convenience and hygiene for travellers: a toilet booth with a baby-changing table, a separate urinal and a free-standing sink for anyone to use when necessary. Passengers do not need to touch the doors or fittings to operate these features. 

Bicycle concept

We wanted to respond to the challenges presented by bicycle transport, as demand for space is high at certain times and on certain days. The new, convertible interior allows for flexible. Stands can be rotated by 30°, which creates more capacity for bicycles and makes it easier to manoeuvre them. A module offers space for 8 passengers or up to 4 bikes, which makes it possible to give equal importance to the different priorities of different passenger groups.

PublicViewing Big screen

Passengers can watch news, documentaries and sports fixtures on a big screen instead of their smartphones. Tables and rests for people standing promote a convivial atmosphere.

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Sport Sport

IdeasTrain passengers can keep active even while on board. The sports module features bookable workout booths with exercise bikes and a digital fitness trainer that gives people tips for creating a workout programme that's right for them. 

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SnackGetraenke Snacks and drinks

Passengers can take a seat on one of the snack bar's tall stools, pick a drink from a range of beverages in the vending machines (coffee and soft drinks) or order a beer from the tap.  Snacks and baked goods are on hand for anyone feeling peckish. This module's augmented reality windowpane is a real eye-opener and introduces a whole new way of looking at the world.

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LowBudget Low-budget for short-distance

The budget area has been designed for inexpensive travel on short-distance routes, but nobody has to forego comfort during their journey. Screens at head height provide passengers with information and entertainment, and cupholders mean they are not left clutching a drink for the entire trip.

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UnterwegsmitFamilie Travel for the whole family

Everyone gets to stay together in this space designed for families and groups, with two 3-person benches and a table. Other passengers can use the additional benches by the window. Ample storage space for luggage is available above the seats. Passengers with young children have their own module, featuring a play area and a space to park prams and pushchairs.

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MobilesBuero Your mobile office

We have created special seats that offer the right features and comfort for anyone who needs to work while travelling. The semi-surrounding shape of the backrests' upper section and a glass partition between seats absorb ambient noise.  Separate one-person booths can be booked by someone who wants maximum privacy. Features include glass panes that can be turned opaque at the touch of a button, built-in screens that can be connected to laptops and tables, plus a phone booth with a rest for people standing.

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Relaxen Rest and relaxation

The last word in restfulness awaits travellers who want extra relaxation for just a while or for the entire journey. Our rotating noise-cancelling seats block out sounds, while larger windows open up a panoramic vista and green partition walls seclude users from their on-board surroundings.  Special folding benches with backrests that you can reposition as you want allow for maximum flexibility. Additional reclining pods are available if you want a refreshing power nap. Sound-absorbing material is used throughout the entire module for maximum peace and quiet.

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Lounge The lounge – a social space

The new lounge benches are perfect for people who want to sit and spend time together. However, if you want some "me time", information and entertainment options are available via the screens at every seat. Maximum comfort comes courtesy of special mesh seat covers that mould themselves to the body. Whether you're travelling alone or with others, the Coffee Cube has a range of delicious speciality coffees for everyone.

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