The Idea Train will become a reality in rail operations at Südostbayernbahn from winter 2022

The best test is still the one in reality. That is why we have set ourselves the task of incorporating as many areas of the first idea train as possible into a real double-decker train.Together with our public transport operator, Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft, and other Group companies, we want to revolutionize mass transit. Our aim is to create new functional areas that meet passengers‘ needs and make their stay on board as pleasant as possible. You can see the different areas that can be found in this train in the further course.


Relax and enjoy the passing scenery while falling comfortably into the armchair as if in your own living room. In these two seats, that‘s exactly what‘s possible. Directly facing the windows, there is only the passenger and the view. The seat shell, which is pulled far forward, also provides privacy, so it‘s also a good idea to use the ride for a little downtime.


In the family area, a lot of emphasis is placed on space. The table has been enlarged to provide ample opportunity for fun and games. On the double seats, the train‘s offspring can also sit comfortably in threes or fours. There is space for the stroller in the specially designated area, and there are also plenty of hanging options for jackets and coats.


The comfort area is the new 1st class. This area shines with its extra comfortable, electrically adjustable seats that guarantee a pleasant and relaxing journey. Additional privacy is provided by a small partition between the head areas.

New seating

A first for rail transport. A new way to sit. The mesh seats ergonomically adapt to the back, making them particularly comfortable and back-friendly. The lightweight material acts as a passive climate control system and therefore offers additional comfort, especially on warm days. As usual, a storage table can be found in the front seat, which can be folded out if required.

Regulars‘ table

Here, passengers can engage in conversation in a relaxed atmosphere while catching up on current events on the large screen. For the optimal regulars‘ table feeling, the high benches function as bar stools and the raised table as a counter. In addition, there are further seats on the folding seats, which can also be used as comfortable standing aids or leaning points.


The revolution in mass transit! The travel time can be used wonderfully as working time in the office cabins. There, behind closed doors, you can make phone calls in peace or connect your laptop or tablet to the 27-inch screen to use it as a work device. Alternatively, you can simply enjoy the view from the 1st class seats.


A classic reinterpreted. The experienced passenger will notice that these seats already have a history. Here, the old classic is brought back to life. The open compartment is a comfortable place for everyone, whether alone, in pairs or in a group. There is plenty of storage space for luggage, both under the seat and above it.

Corner bench

The long corner bench runs lengthwise to the train. There is plenty of space here for larger groups. Individual bench segments are separated by small tables, as well as acoustic walls, so that smaller groups can also get together. Under the bench there is enough space for luggage.


The newly designed boarding area is enhanced by large-format screens above the doors. Up-to-date information on the journey, as well as on capacity utilization and the infrastructure at the next stop, is communicated. Dirt-trapping mats provide a homely feel and prevent dirt from being carried into the passenger compartment inside.

Multipurpose area

In the multipurpose area everything finds its place. Whether surfboard, stroller or suitcase. Practical here are the three folding seats, which can be used as needed, but still leave enough room for larger or unusual pieces of luggage.